QVinstall is a small usefull script (written in python) to help you to install Qmail (www.qmail.org) and Vmailmgr (www.VMailMgr.org). While Qmail is the mail server VMailmgr is a set of programs to cooperate with Qmail.

QVinstall installs the packages:

The purpose is add, in a near future, the omail-webmail and omail-webadmin to simplify the installation of this nice tools :) Visit it at omail page.

QVinstall is strongly based on Qinstall of Baris Metin :), that's a little modification of Qinstall by Antonio Santiago to work with VMailMgr. If you want have Qmail + Vpopmail you must to use Qinstall.

The project's page is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/qvinstall.

Any sugestion or anything, contact with me at: gaat@users.sourceforge.net.

Other projects related with me: http://gaat.sourceforge.net.


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